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ICT Skills

Quality ICT Training to improve your efficiency

All ICT Training takes place in small classes and involve opportunities for practice and questions. The trainer is patient, friendly and flexible to meet your needs. Open Programmes will take place even if there is only two people for the course! So you can be assured of personalised help.

If you are unsure about which level you need just ask Sally and she will provide you with a comprehensive checklist for you to assess your confidence levels. 

Classes are practical, enlightening, and enjoyable. Go away with some helpful notes to enable you to put into practice all that you learn, plus some practice files. 

Trainer is flexible to the needs of the learner, therefore, if you have something you want to know that isn't specifically listed if time allows then it can be included.

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PowerPoint - Creating a WordCloud

Excel - Using Flash Fill

Excel - Formatting as a Table