Fish4Development Business Training


Access Introduction

Who is the course for?

If you find yourself needing to know more about what an Access database can do, this course will give you a good overview; providing practical hands-on experience with its many features.
You will finish the course with a good general knowledge on Access and how you can use it to meet your needs.

What the course will cover:

Database Overview / Terms / Planning

An overview of databases, database objects and terminology, tables, queries, forms, & reports, and relationships

Working with an existing database

  • Navigating around an existing database (mouse and keyboard)
  • The ribbon, window and navigation pane
  • Finding help
  • Opening and closing exiting tables, database and access
  • Filtering & sorting data in a table
  • Sorting Data, Finding & Replacing Data (using wildcards)

Working with Tables

  • Creating a new simple Access database
  • Design/table view
  • Creating a table structure
  • Formatting field properties
  • Defining a Primary Key
  • Editing field properties and field descriptions
  • Validation Rules/text
  • Adding a new field to a table
  • Insert, Delete, Move and Rename Fields
  • Deleting a table
  • Entering and Editing Data

Queries and Filters

  • Query Overview
  • Sorting records
  • Using filters
  • Filtering by form
  • Running Query
  • Creating a Query
  • Modifying a Query – adding, removing fields to a query and deleting a query

Creating Forms

  • Creating Forms Using the Form Wizard
  • Quick forms
  • Designing a form
  • Data Entry in Forms
  • Editing form design
  • Filtering from a form
  • Deleting from a form
  • Changing the look of forms


  • Overview of Reports
  • Quick report
  • Creating a Report using Wizard
  • Printing a report