Fish4Development Business Training

Outlook Training

(half day - 4 hours)

Who is this course for?

Are you new to emails? Or are you just new to Outlook 365? Either way this course will go through the basics of emails and email management moving on to organising your folders and email tips for more efficiency.

This course will cover the following: 

  • A look around the elements of Outlook:

  • Title Bar, Quick Access toolbar, Ribbons, and Backstage view

  • Navigating around the navigation bar

  • The Message Pane

  • The Reading Pane

  • The People Pane for Social Media contacts

  • The To Do bar

  • Task Bar

  • Adjusting your panes for a better view


  • Sending and replying to emails using the To: box

  • Sorting emails by name and date

  • The difference between a To: CC: and BCC: 

  • Sending and replying to a group

  • Forwarding an email

  • Email etiquette 

  • Address Book: Adding names to the address book

  • Attachments: Adding opening, viewing and saving attachments

  • Options including read receipts, delaying delivery 

  • Urgency and Importance of an Email

  • Deleting emails - junk emails 

  • Organising your emails

  • Creating a folder

  • Moving emails to a folder

  • Creating a rule to move emails to a folder depending upon a criteria

  • Creating reminder flags

  • Creating categories for subjects in emails

  • Searching emails to find:

    • from, to, subject matter

    • category, flag, attachment

  • Using the Search Tools ribbon

  • Filtering emails to show only some

  • Printing an email

  • Recalling an email sent in error


  • Changing views

  • Making appointments

  • Creating a Meeting appointment

  • Adjusting, accepting and deleting appointments

  • Sharing and opening a shared calendar

  • Print Calendar Options


  • Creating a new contact

  • Creating a folder for contacts and moving contacts


  • Creating a New Task with a reminder

  • Assigning Tasks to others


  • Making a note to yourself