Fish4Development Business Training

Assertiveness and Confidence Skills

Do you find yourself saying yes when you would like to say no? Do you always avoid conflict situations? Have friends described you as a pushover? Would you like to state your points of view without hurting people or making unacceptable compromises?

If you need help with the situations above, then this is the course for you:

This assertiveness and confidence building course will provide course participants with the underpinning knowledge and skills to be more assertive and confident, both in their personal and professional lives. You will learn how to be assertive as opposed to aggressive; you will learn to deal with difficult situations in an assertive way and gain the confidence/skills to say no!

What the course will cover:

What is assertiveness?

  • The difference between submissive, aggressive and assertive behaviour and recognising the body language
  • Why do people behave as they do?
  • Our own personal communication style
  • Self confidence & esteem
  • The benefits of being assertive
  • What are the barriers to assertiveness?
  • Getting our thinking right:
  • Confronting our inner dialogue
  • Useful techniques of assertive communication, including: broken record, fogging, using body language to convey your message, reflecting back technique and Looking for a win-win scenario
  • How Transactional Analysis can help your communication
  • Practical exercises to build up your confidence
  • Saying no assertively