Fish4Development Business Training

Reception and Telephone Skills

The receptionist represents the initial point of contact with the outside world, and as such is in a powerful position to enhance the way the company is perceived.This course aims to equip the professional receptionist with the skills necessary to present an excellent image of the organisation. You will learn how to interpret body language, listen effectively, use good questioning skills, and deal with the tricky visitor professionally and calmly. On this course we will cover the following: 

What makes a good receptionist?

  • First impressions creating a professional image

  • Looking at examples of good and bad reception behaviour    

  • How to make good customer service excellent

  • Going the extra mile, understanding the difference your performance can make

Welcoming and Greeting Visitors

  • Tips and techniques for working on a reception & taking calls

  • Being prepared – everything to hand

  • Assertive & Respectful Techniques

  • Transactional analysis to improve your communication

  • Communicating Better

  • Active listening skills

  • Building rapport

  • Observing and understanding body language

  • Questioning skills

  • Dealing with that tricky visitor (or caller)

Taking that call

  • Handling complaints – turning your customer around

  • Pet hates - what do customers hate?

  • Taking the message - keeping it simple 

  • Fielding unwelcome calls – assertiveness with that persistent caller

  • The difficulties of telephone communication

  • Taking ownership of the problem

At the end of this course you will be equipped to

  • Being a team player

  • Present a professional image

  • Have greater understanding on what your customer needs

  • Manage a difficult situation calmly and effectively

  • Create a happy visitor to your reception