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Report Writing

Report Writing Course

Who is the course for?

This course is designed specifically for people who either want to start writing reports for their organisation/club, or for those who want to improve their report writing skills and make their reports more accessible and attractive to their readers.


To increase the course participants knowledge and skills to produce an effective written report


    • To recognise the elements of a well written effective report

    • To understand the principles of the Rhetorical Triangle (Audience, Writer and Purpose) and how to use it to formulate reports that will be read and considered 

    • To recognise and apply the Plain English Principles including good use of grammar and spelling

    • To be able to pull together and design attractive eye catching graphs, charts, tables and flow charts to meet the needs of the reader

    • To apply learning and produce a short report using images, graphs and flow charts as appropriate  

Programme/Event content

    • Plain English concepts including grammar, punctuation, active language and spelling

    • Structuring the report – what is important to include?

    • Attracting the reader by considering the “What’s in it for me!” element

    • Writing a plan for your report

    • Creating effective Images, Flow charts, Graphs, and tables

    • Practical application of report writing with laptop (provided)