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Business Training Services for fun effective learning

Fish4Development offers effective fun Business Training 

A wide variety of training needs met locally in Lincolnshire - or online worldwide!

Improve your ICT Skills, Management, Communication, Business Writing, or simply develop yourself. With thirty years experience in training and coaching individuals and groups, Fish4Development can meet many of your organisational training needs.

Why not come and join a small workshop with like minded others. Training is practical (Learn how to Write Minutes for a Meeting), and thought provoking (How to Deal with Difficult Behaviour), hands-on (Microsoft Excel, or PowerPoint), and professional (Manager's Toolbox or Appraisals). In fact if you need training, then just ask, I am sure we can help you! 

What will I gain from attending a course with Fish4Development?

Among many things you will become more efficient, improve your working relationships, and influence your colleagues and clients communicating  in a language they understand. 

  • Small group courses run every month. See Courses Coming up for the current Open Programme dates. Currently most training courses are online using Zoom or Teams - Sign up for either for a free version. Please ask for more information if you are interested. 

  • Four or more people? Why not ask Sally to come and run the training specifically for your workplace. 

  • If you don't see the training you want on the Courses coming up; please ask. We often only need three people to run a course online and six face to face.

  • Training can also be bespoke to your organisation. If you have a group of people then invite us in to your workplace for training delivery to suit your needs.   

Email Sally for more information - free consultation available - no obligation

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Feedback from Excel Training


Two recent feedback letters from February and March 2022

Jordan - Woodland Trust

Manager's Toolbox (November 2021)

Just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed this course. Sometimes when you hear ‘3-day course’ you wonder how engaging it will be, but I genuinely found it to be one of the most engaging and fun training sessions I’ve ever attended. I will be applying as much of the learning as I can to my role moving forward - thank you for taking the time to teach us.

Joshua Whyman 

Fantastic Training - Relaxed, Informative and Professional (Introduction to Management)

Sally @ Fish4Development is a fantastic trainer, always happy to guide you in the right direction of which courses would best suit your requirements. Having undertaken one of the courses myself as well as my colleagues going on courses with Fish4Development I can assure you that the courses are extremely informative and professional whilst remaining relaxed which provides a great environment for learning!

The size of the groups on the course can be as small as 2 which gives you a really personal experience. Overall I wouldn't hesitate to recommend

Fish4Development and Sally herself to anyone looking for professional training courses at fantastic prices.

New Line Manager at Woodland Trust

I thought everything was excellent but particularly enjoyed the parts on 'Powerful Questioning' and 'Difficult Conversations' and finding out my team role, and doing the situational leadership questionnaire and understanding when different types of leadership are needed in what situations. I also enjoyed the practical exercises with the other attendants, for example, giving each other feedback, or using the 'four dimension questioning. (December 2020 - online training)

Becki - Fenner Precision

Time Management (January 2018)

I now feel better able to organise, plan and set out goals that I'd like to achieve both personally and in my work life. The most useful element for me was the four box grid. I found the course inspiring and valuable

Ed Hollamby

Feedback from Managing Stress training

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for the Stress Management course you ran a while ago. Not only did I think it was a superb course at the time, I have recently been going back over my handouts and notes and it has been really helpful. I will ensure I recommend you and your courses to others.

Lincolnshire HP - Word 365 Advanced

Was great to refresh on the areas I am familiar with but so useful to learn of extra capabilities and tools that I will definitely find useful.

Regarding any improvements - No suggestions. Thoroughly enjoyed the day, Sally, you are so comfortable and relaxed yet very professional and really like the way to teach, thank you - Jane (December 2020 - online training)

Penny and Paula - PCCD

PowerPoint (January 2019)

I found the course very enjoyable and particularly how to insert and download videos and animations. Paula 

PowerPoint (January 2019)

I found EVERYTHING!!! most useful including the handout - regarding improvements NOTHING! It was fabulous thanks - Penny

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